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Service Description

New Age Computer & Internet Services provides various services pertaining to the Internet. The following is a list of our services:
Unlimited Internet Dialup Access - This service allows users with a modem to access the Internet by dialing up one of our dialup access numbers. Unlimited Internet means you are not charged by the hour. You can dialup to our access lines as many times as you want. For more information on our prices, please select Internet Connection Prices from the side menu.

Dedicated Dialup Connections - This service allows users total access to the Internet 24 hours a day uninterrupted. This is different from the regular dialup access because the regular lines are shared lines. On a shared line, even though you have unlimited access doesn't mean you can stay on forver. A dedicated line is used for this purpose. A dedicated line will have a separate access number. For more information, please select Internet Connection Prices from the side menu.

Web Hosting - New Age does web hosting by selling web space to users, small businesses, and other clients. We have affordable and competitive rates. All web spaces are hosted on New Age web servers using Apache. For more information on this service and sale prices, please select Web Hosting from the side menu.

Web Development - For more information, please select Web Development from the side menu.

Virual Web Hosting - For more information, please select Web Hosting from the side menu.

Virual Email Services - Please contact for more information.

Internet Server Configurations and Installations - Are you setting up a webserver? ftp server? or any other informational service connected to the internet? We can configure and install a webserver to meet anyone's needs.

Banner Designing and Advertising - Need a 'webpage banner' designed? Many companies sell you banner space to help your company get the word across. Tell us your requirements, and we'll design a custom banner.

Domain Name Services - Found a Domain Name that you want to register? If you have, then you will need a primary/seconday nameservice to keep the domain name updated. We can also setup virtual email or virtual webspace! (Please refer to Virtual Email Services above).