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Internet Connection Prices

New Age Computer & Internet Services offers competitive unlimited Internet access rates. We use fast and reliable modems (most, if not all, of our modems are USRobotics Couriers). We have a fast digital point-to-point T1 Connection to the internet. This way you are guaranteed a fast and clean connection.

Our unlimited service, just like any other provider's unlimited service, is not a dedicated access. You may log on as many times as you like, but not stay connected for more than two or three hours at a time. If you or your business requires 24hour access to your files, webpage and/or your connection, please choose our dedicated connection services. Thank you.

Note on Dedicated Connections: The price quoted is for a prepaid service. If you would like to be billed monthly, add %30 to the payment due. Also, the cost of the dedicated service takes into account the cost of modems, the cost of the phone/isdn line and the internet connection that is brought to you. There may also be a setup charge if customer requires help/consult for their end.

Connection Plan Total Payment Due* Price Per Month
Month to Month
1 Year Advance
Dedicated 33.6 (1yr)
Dedicated ISDN 64K (1yr)
Dedicated ISDN 128K (1yr)
*Setup Charge of $15 will Apply for New Accounts
**Dedicated Connections charges include modem and other costs for dedicated lines, hence the 'price-per-month' isn't calculatable. See also the Note on Dedicated connections above.