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Web Development

New Age provide web development through our company's sub-division New Age Web Services (NAWeb). Our web development team specializes in designing professional quality web pages. If you're seeking help in establishing web presence then look no further, because we can give your web site the looks! Take a look at the different services option below and decide which one will fit your needs. We have affordable and competitive rates depending on the service you decide to choose. When you're ready to contact us, click on the email contact button or give us a call at (703) 914-0479.

What Are The Different Development Services?

We have three different services and pricing policies.

Service Type 1 - one time flat rate
We can negotiate a contract which consists of a fixed service fee for a fixed deadline. The deadline will be the completion and delivery date of the web page. The fee and date will be determined based on an estimate of the amount of work involved. Customers will provide detailed specifications of things that need to be in the web pages. These specifications are used for the estimation of the service fee. Any changes made to the specification later may result in change of service fee and deadline.

Service Type 2 - $dollars/hour
Web work will be based on labor hours. Specifications of things that need to be done can be made while work is in progress. Flat rate $dollars per hour will be negotiated and work thereafter will be recorded via time sheet. Additional work to pages can be made (i.e. maintenance) on a monthly basis once the project is determined complete. (minimum design fee of $300 is applied)

Service Type 3 - templates
Pre-designed web pages for fixed posted rates. Customers need to provide contents that "fill" in the blanks. (not available yet)

How Do We Exchange Information?

All materials can be delivered either by US postal mail, fax, or email. Telephone conference or in-person meetings can be arranged depending on location.

What Are Your Service Rates?
Service Type 1 This is a contract where the job goals are defined and paid upon completion Flat Rates
Service Type 2 This is a contract where the labor hours are purchased to complete a project. Completion will be determined by clients at anytime Hourly Rates
(design fee $300)
Service Type 3 Clients chooses a predesigned web page template Fix Flat Rates