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Rules and Acceptance Policies

(This part will be constantly modified and appended. We reserve the right to modify any parts of these rules and regulations (or Acceptance) policies)

1. Dialup use. Unlimited service does not mean dedicated service. Please be considerate, and disconnect the connection when not in use, and reconnect as necessary.
2. Personal Webspace. We provide personal webspace as a value added service to our customers. We do not allow it to be used to advertise your business/money making scheme/etc. You may also not have a 'banner' advertisement or promotion of another site that is business related. Also, we decide if a site is business related. All this said, we do allow you to describe briefly your business or whatever work you do etc. We reserve the final judgement.
3. No illegal stuff. This applies to email and/or webspace, etc. Basically we are not responsible for your or other customers contents.
4. I hate spam/junk email. And so do many others. We do NOT allow spam. But to maintain peoples privacy of email/etc., we can not filter spam. So be careful when giving your email address to people on the net, websites, etc.