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Cool Downloads

The following cool downloads are software that we recommend our users to get to enchance their computing and surfing experiences. The software can be downloaded from our servers or directly from the server that we got them from. We suggest that you download the software from our server for a speedy download. Please check software's homepage for updated information on the lastest versions.

    The following software is shareware. Please register the software

  • WinZip version 6.3 Compress/uncompress your ZIP archives
  • CuteFTP version 2.0 (Win95/NT4) A Cool FTP client to browse FTP sites
  • WinAmp version 1.61 An mp3 (MPEG-Layer3 Audio compressed) player. You may run into .mp3 files music/audio files on the net--use this to play them!

    The following are links to where you may be able to download the software
  • Netscape 4.04